Legislative Advocacy


 AP Triton has decades of experience working with local, state and federal legislators to help craft and guide legislation that will benefit your organization.  We specialize in Federal and State Ambulance reimbursement legislation that has produced nearly $1 Billion dollars for Fire Departments across the country.

TV – Film – Special Events


With hundreds of years of experience in large, municipal Fire Services, AP Triton is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive Fire Safety Officer support to the Television, Film and Special Event industries.

Deployment Studies


 AP Triton is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive  support to municipal and county Fire Departments in evaluating existing deployment models and creating cost effective, sustainable alternatives to benefit the communities you serve

Emerging Markets


 AP Triton can help guide the way through new and emerging markets that affect local public safety.  Our experts can assist your team in making sure that your communities remain safe, compliant and well informed on new and emerging markets.

Innovative Solutions

for Public Safety

Legislative Advocacy

  • Enabling Legislation creation
  • Mobile Integrated Health Studies
  • GEMT Creation and SPA Development
  • Federal Reimbursement Program Development

TV, Film & Special Events

  • Production Health and Safety for Media productions
  • Special Events Production Health and Safety
  • Location Planning
  • Worldwide Location Services

Health & Safety /
Emerging Markets

  • Fire and Life Safety Plans
  • Fire Prevention Efficiency Planning
  • Emerging Markets Analysis
  • Code Enforcement Best Practices Studies

Deployment Studies

  • National Best Practice Models
  • Creative, Efficient Deployment Models
  • Fire Emergency Medical Service Efficiency Studies
  • Revenue Generation Studies
  • Standards of Cover Studies

Our Clients


Choosing a good consultant is always important, but as a Fire Chief embarking on a program as innovative as ours, I knew we would only get one chance to get it right. The staff at AP Triton have provided clear, concise information that has held up under challenge, and our program is being modeled across the nation. We still rely on the expertise of AP Triton to keep our program on course for success.

Jeff Carman

Fire Chief, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

As hired consultants, AP Triton brought a wealth of knowledge and experience as we were evaluating our current fire, rescue, and EMS delivery model. They have helped us position ourselves to take advantage of opportunities in the rapidly changing environment of emergency medical care and transport.


Mark Hartwig

Fire Chief/Fire Warden, San Bernardino County Fire Department